Waste Collection Guidelines

Getting Started

If you are a new resident, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have both a garbage and a recycling can. Residential waste collection* is included as a municipal service covered by your taxes. Get off to a good start by downloading the Vestavia Hills Action Center app, a tool you can use to start your service, request a special pickup (for all those moving boxes and your yard trimmings), and more.

Choose “Start garbage and trash service at a residence” from the Action Center request menu, or call Public Services at 978-0150 to start service.

To know your pick-up days, see “Garbage vs. Trash” below.

*Businesses must contract with a waste collection agency of their choice.

Vestavia Hills Action Center

The Vestavia Hills Action Center is a convenient way to make requests or make repots of areas needing maintenance. Download the mobile app on the iTunes or the Google Play store, or visit our website http://vhal.org/action-center/.

When you make a request in the Action Center, you will receive two confirmations. The first one shows that your request has been received. The second one shows that the City has made a response. If your trash and debris pick-up request is not completed within 10 days, please contact the city either through the Action Center or by calling 978-0150.

Placement of Items for Collection

Proper placement checklist:

Not on or in the right-of-way (including sidewalks)

Not on a storm drain cover

Not further than 4 ft from the curb

Not under a low utility line

Separated piles for yard debris vs. bulk/junk materials

Please also keep in mind that vehicles parked near where items are placed will also prevent collection of items.