New Neighbors

New homeowners of the Highlands who have moved into their Highlands’ home within the immediately preceding 90 days may be listed as “New Neighbors” on the Highlands website.  In order for new Highlands homeowners to be listed as “new neighbors”, the names, phone number and street address of the new homeowners must be provided to a Highlands officer.

Highlands officers do not always know when homes sell in the Highlands and when an officer is notified, the new homeowner will be contacted for the purpose of obtaining his/her permission to be listed as a “new neighbor” on the Highlands website.

New neighbors listings are updated every 90 days.

Posted November 19, 2015:

Kim Stockard– has relocated within the neighborhood from 2704 Countrywood Way to  2540 Dolly Ridge Road

Chris & Summer Zulana   2704 Countrywood Way

Bob & Emily Phillips  3832 Timberline Way

Philip & Maggie Klyce  3864 Timberline Way


Posted September 7, 2015:

Allen & Lisa Bolton          2537 Dolly Ridge Road

Eric & Christina Brewer           3731 Shady Cove Drive

Mary David          3513 Birchwood Lane

Ken & Laura DiFatta          2712 Countrywood Way

Greg & Monica Dunaway          2504 Aspen Cove Drive

Kevin & Meredith Halcomb           3644 Birchwood Lane

Adam & Nicole Kirklin             3816 Timberline Way