For Hire

This page is intended to provide a listing of service providers that may be of interest to residents of the Highlands. Listings should be trades and services that the submitting homeowners have used and would use again.

Residents are invited to submit their requests for entries under the listings below to for publication on the Highlands website.

Caveat: Neither your Highlands Neighborhood Association, nor any of your officers or neighbors providing the below information makes any representations as to quality of work, compliance with any professional certifications or requirements, insurance, bonding, licensing or permitting requirements concerning any of the below service providers and cannot be held liable or responsible for any injury, damages or losses of any kind as a result of this information or services provided as a result of this information.


Alterations– Lonita Morse (979-9397)

Brick and Stone Work-Lynn Brittain (205-602-4313)

Heating and Air ConditioningEnviro Air Services (Mark Norton, owner 940-9017)


  • Kris Copeland (205-281-2134)
  • David Strickland (205-368-0503)

Spring Water DeliveryWaterway (1-205-326-8800)

Tile Work– Spencer Hallmark (205-936-9834)

Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Kent O’Daniel  (205-434-8074)

Advertising and Web Design – Chris Evans Digital Marketing (210-627-7067) Countrywood Highlands website designed by Chris Evans.